Saturday, May 29, 2010

Planting Day: 9 Weeks in

Or, are those crop circles?

As a general statement, the wheat is growing great. It’s about knee high with wide blades of healthy green leaves.

The problem is that it’s not growing like that everywhere. In the center of the field, growth is stunted, the seeds inconsistently sprouted and some are turning yellow. But only in the center which seems strange to me. I’ve just been doing some research on the interwebs and found this pdf from Kanasas State University. The paper is specifically about winter wheat rather than spring, but the nitrogen deficiency pictures look like my problem, so a trip to the garden store for some fertilizer might be in order.

I think if I do get some, I’ll just try it in one area and see if it helps, that way I’ll know that it is truely the problem and I can try some other ways to increase the nitrogen in the soil (like legumes).